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State Licensing

State License Expiration Date License Type
Alabama 21037 12/31/22 Consumer Credit License
Alaska N/A Exempt
Arizona N/A Exempt
Arkansas 12239 12/31/22 Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License
California 4131267 12/31/22 Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act
Colorado N/A Exempt
Connecticut N/A Exempt
D.C. MLB4247 12/31/22 Mortgage Lender License
Delaware 4804 12/31/22 Lender License
Florida N/A Exempt
Georgia N/A Exempt
Idaho N/A Exempt
Illinois MB.6759294 12/31/22 Residential Mortgage License
Indiana N/A Exempt
Iowa N/A Exempt
Kansas N/A Exempt
Kentucky N/A Exempt
Louisiana N/A Exempt
Maine SLM6722 12/31/22 Supervised Lender License
Maryland 10247 12/31/22 Mortgage Lender License
Massachusetts ML4247 12/31/22 Mortgage Lender License
Michigan FR0018637 12/31/22 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant
Minnesota MN-OX-4247 12/31/22 Residential Mortgage Originator Exemption
Mississippi N/A Exempt
Missouri N/A Exempt
Montana N/A Exempt
Nebraska N/A Exempt
Nevada 3936 12/31/22 Exempt Company Registration
New Hampshire 10176-MB 12/31/22 Mortgage Banker License
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance N/A 12/31/22 Residential Mortgage Lender License
New Mexico N/A 12/31/22 Mortgage Loan Company License
North Carolina N/A Exempt
North Dakota MB102115 12/31/22 Money Broker License
Ohio N/A Exempt
Oklahoma N/A Exempt
Oregon N/A Exempt
Pennsylvania N/A Exempt
Rhode Island 20041699LL 12/31/22 Lender License
South Carolina N/A Exempt
South Dakota N/A Exempt
Tennessee N/A Exempt
Texas N/A Exempt
Utah N/A 12/31/22 Registered Mortgage Lender
Vermont 5563 12/31/22 Lender License
Vermont 4247-1 12/31/22 Loan Servicer License
Virginia N/A Exempt
Washington CL-4247 12/31/22 Consumer Loan Company License
West Virginia ML-21150 12/31/22 Mortgage Lender
Wisconsin N/A Exempt
Wyoming N/A Exempt