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Crescent Mortgage Company is a national wholesale and correspondent lender. Typically, we are not a "retail" mortgage lender that employs loan officers or takes loan applications from prospective borrowers seeking a mortgage. Rather, we act as a service provider to institutions like community banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage brokers. We underwrite their mortgage applications to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, USDA, or private investor guidelines. We either retain the servicing rights, via our sub-servicer, Cenlar FSB, or release the servicing rights to another investor. Regardless of whether we are servicing your mortgage or not, we will always assist you, the consumer, with any questions or needs you may have throughout the life of your loan. While we may not often work directly with consumers, we will always work with them to make sure loans are originated and serviced with a high level of customer service. Please review the links and information provided below. If you do not find what you are looking for, you may always contact us directly at 800.851.0263.

Borrower Contact Information

General consumer contact information is supplied below, or you may fill out a request for information, file a complaint, or have a Crescent Mortgage representative contact you by filling out this form. Please have either property address or your loan number when you contact Crescent Mortgage Company. Never send private or confidential information via email. You can review the applicable registration or licensing of Crescent Mortgage Company by visiting the Consumer Portal to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. Our Identifier is #4247.

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